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Custom dishes

Margelan patty2,3kg1800 som
Tender marinated lamb ribs fried in cauldron with golden potatoes. Served with pickled onions, cornichons and cherry tomatoes.

Dapandzhi2,5kg1700 som
Large pieces of chicken, potatoes and boiled dough fried in piquant spices

Grilled kozu1kg1000 som
Marinated by author's recipe in fresh herbs and flavory spices of young mutton baked until golden crust in tandoor.
It is decorated with fresh vegetables and herbs

Yurt1,7kg2100 som
Golden flatbread in form of yurt with a mini Luleh kebab, stuffed peppers, marinated lamb ribs and vegetables

Dymlyama festive1kg1700 som
Tender meat of lamb and veal with vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, paprika, carrots, greens) seasoned with fragrant spices stewing in own juice

Quail fantasy1,5kg3200 som
Quails, bonfile, lamb ribs, cheese, stuffed pepper, cheese, lavash

Grapes fish 1p.1400 som
Baked perch marinated in sweet and sour sauce garnished with lemon wedges and fresh lettuce

Took tandoor1p.1050 som
Tender chicken marinated in aromatic spices baked in tandoor. Served with golden potatoes and fresh tomatoes
Подается с золотистым картофелем и сочными помидорами.

Saddle of lamb on spit3kg2600 som
Moist saddle of lamb marinated in piquant spices baked with sheep fat on spit. Served with baked vegetables